Inside the fridge.

There's relief in the fridge, & it's NOT the peanut butter!

Tomorrow morning (9:30 AM), I'll be putting in a ride with my buddies: Guy & Gregory. We'll be cascading the hills up in Indian Arm near Deep Cove, North Vancouver. I've never did this one and I'm looking forward to it. Hey, we just gone through a pressure cooker of record temperatures close to 34 degrees Celcius yesterday & the day before. And I for one am relived, among the rest of us, that today reached only 27 degrees. It's the humidity that's the factor and I'm equipped with some help (above) with a nice Barvarian Lager from the local microbeer, Okanagan Spring. I'm expecting a fun ride with a moderate forecast of about 22 degrees with some 'help' afterwards.

Stay tune for the full story, and cheers!


Groover said…
Have a great ride and enjoy the beer. It looks like a good choice. Oh, and if you've got it too hot then please send some degrees downunder. :-)
Richard said…
I'll sure try. Now they're saying that today's temp. will reach over 30 C!!!