Love the muck.

Classic look!
Belgian, Eric Vanderaerden knows a thing or two of hard riding in the muck.
Going on to clobber the field, 1987 Paris-Roubaix!

As the Tour is over, thoughts turned to last weekend's MTB Women's World Cup race in Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec. I relish the herculean effort of riders going over uneven terrain trying to sidestep mud and slippery rocks. A hard slough, indeed. That's why I love Paris-Roubaix and the battle of attrition label it has. The keen observer can see the similarities.

The Canadian ladies seem to do very well at home as last years winner, Marie-Helene Premont, struggled with flats. She was a favorite but on this technical and brutal course she arrived in tenth, five and a half minutes behind. Compatriot, Catharine Pendrel stole the show maintaining an 'uneven' ride over the treacherous rocks and muddy conditions to grab her second World Cup win.

Premont's beautiful mud caked Rocky Mountain!

Maximum effort...

Catharine Pendrel.

Marie-Helene Premont.