This morning was like any other workday. As I looked both ways, leaving my alley towards the downhill into the roundabout, I preceded knowing there was no cyclists or drivers in front of me. I like to approach the roundabout by myself just because it's easier & safer to leave from it. As I entered into it I felt a slam of a bicycle behind and to my left side knocking me off my Marinoni. You know it's not so bad as you see yourself falling, what might seem an eternity, then rudely landing on some part of your body. I was conscious all through the ordeal. Yet, it happened so fast that I bruised my left knee/leg landing on my left shoulder and hand. Thankfully I had my helmet on as my head glanced off the road. I was in shock and clearly feeling some trauma as the bicyclist grabbed my hand and asked, "I'm so sorry, break
anything?" I muttered something, "No, I don't think so..."

I knew he was in the wrong, stupidly taking the inside and clearly misreading my intention in the roundabout of going left (here in Canada we have right hand traffic). You see, I was already engaged and preceding left as he plowed into me wanting to go straight through. One important point is that there isn't two lanes only one lane and he should have slowed right down giving the proper distance and preceding to go on the outside. By the impact it was hard and brought me quickly down. I've never been hit by a cyclist until now. By instinct I got back on my bike looked over any damage (luckily only a scuff on my left brake hood) and rode onto work.

I'm nursing a few bruises and aches & pains although minor, I was lucky to escape major injury and above all ... I do hope he doesn't drive like he rides his bike especially through a roundabout!