The Artist: Marinoni.

Honoring thirty-five years of exquisite hand-built bikes!

This year is the thirty-fifth anniversary of Giuseppe Marinoni's on going love affair with producing exquisite hand-built, hand-painted frames. The great man is now, 72 years young and doesn't look like retiring soon. Sure, he's slowed down, getting out in the mornings to put in his daily ride. He's a former racer from Italy moved to Quebec, married and settled down to open his frame building business. That was in 1974 and has since made well over 30,000 bikes, made to measure with Columbus tubing. Of course, to keep up with the fluctuating market demands he also uses carbon and titanium. But, his love is for steel the material that will always be in demand. These days, Signore Marinoni still hand paints every one of his coveted frames.

Located in Terrebonne, Quebec just a short distance north of Montréal. My 1987 Columbus SL is a testament to the understated build quality of the frame. It's more than wonderful how well my steel frame still rides the same as when I had it custom-made for me twenty-two years ago. I admit that having a custom built frame is the only way to go and having one from Marinoni brings that certain unique Canadien cachet.

Happy birthday to Cycles Marinoni... and many more!

Two Canadian greats:
Steve Bauer was one of the many pro's
that rode bikes made by Giuseppe Marinoni!

Second image: The artiste at work.