Badger inside the fridge.

The only way to soothe a raging badger!

I'm taking the week off from work and finding loads of time to create art and read. I'm currently reading the autobiography from Bernard Hinault entitled, "Memories of the peloton." A book loan to me by Guy of the fame, Le Grimpeur blog. Interesting read on the escapades of the Badger as he grits his badger like teeth to recount his cycling days. I must say, Hinault writes like he raced. Simple and hard to the point. A straight forward compendium of his heroic cycling life. And, what could be better to have a beer with a hungry badger. That's the nice, crisp tasting local brew, 'Kelowna Pilsner.'


At Sallanches, France 1980.
The Badger stated, "The dream has become reality. I am world champion.
It was the most beautiful day of my life."


Unknown said…
Dang -- this Hinault/Beer shot is my new favorite cycling image. Incidentally, during the post-stage interview at Alpe d'Huez in 1986, Hinault made a point of visibly drinking a beer, as if to say, "I hardly broke a sweat."
Richard said…
I love how relaxed he looked drinking that Heineken!
Thanks for that.