Pushed & pulled... in a good way!

My table for one, awaits!

Tuesday evening was my time to have it out with my Osteopathy practitioner, Anie. Her Vancouver company is called, 'Rodiera, osteopathy wellness art.'
As you may remember, a cyclist hit me about a month ago and I felt it was finally time to see her due to lingering pain.

Osteopathy combines holistic treatment using gentle manual techniques for the core of pain. Anie takes time to assess where the pain is and then goes into the troubled area with careful & attentive manipulation. She asked me to lie on the table as she pushed & pulled my arms, neck and back. I’ve never gone to a Chiropractor for the very reason that it can be quite harsh. Osteopathy is amazingly gentle, stretching the muscles. That’s the reason why I go to it. In fact, most professional cycling teams have an Osteopath on staff.

I mentioned last week I had a dreadful neck pain and that’s when I called her for an appointment. The night before I slept with the fan blowing in the bedroom. It was very humid and without the fan I would’ve melted. Unknowingly, I directed the fan towards me for relief and I further aggravated my neck muscles. So Anie deciphered it was partly due to sleeping with the fan blowing towards me. My muscles got a chill.

With careful attention, I’m closer to recovery!


Groover said…
Get better soon!
Richard said…
I'm feeling much better. In fact I plan for a long ride on Sunday.