Rain, Café & Cherry Tomatoes.

Right off the vine, our first batch of beautiful cherry tomatoes!

This morning Gregory, Michael & I met at the Burrard Street Bridge for our ride to Iona Park. No dice! The weather turned nasty; with ugly dark skies opening up into a steady downpour. Solution? We managed to seek refuge at a close by Café Bistro. Ok, it's not so bad to curl up in a warm bistro sipping fine Americanos. In fact, it was better than getting soaked from the rainstorm. After an hour or so the rain never did let up and so I went back out into the storm for home. I joked with the guys that I imagine it a little like Paris-Roubaix. I came home, bike and moi completely drenched and climbed into a welcoming hot bath.

Now, that the bike is cleaned, from this morning's mini Paris-Roubaix, I'm watching the weather to try for a spin later. And, to give some nice color into a somewhat dreary day, Carolle has grown tomato plants on our balcony and now it's time to eat them. The cherry tomatoes are destine for dinner!