What's inside the fridge?

I'm enjoying the stories with a Pale Ale friend!

After tweaking and raising my seat stem by 0.5 cm I can now relax and see what's inside the fridge. I'm having the very refreshing local micro brew, Bowen Island Extra Pale Ale and enjoying the well researched and the rather long titled book, 'The Tour Is Won On The Alpe: Alpe d'Huez and the Classic Battles of the Tour de France.' Writer, Jean-Paul Vespini keeps me reading with excellent documentation of the famous 13.1 km, 21 hairpins legendary climb. Every chapter covers a famous battle with a smattering of interesting and amazing facts & descriptions of cycling's ginormous prize. It's hard to put down, not that I want to..

So, I'm going back to this fine book with an Extra Pale Ale friend!


Jim said…
I just finished that very book. A good one, indeed!