Kelly in the fridge!

King Kelly + St. Ambroise beer=
I know the beer is a winner and I'm sure the book will be , too!

Before our ride out to Port Moody, Guy dropped off the much anticipated book "Kelly," by David Walsh. What better way to read about one of the best classic specialists with one of my favorite pale ales, "St. Ambroise" from Montréal, Quebec.

I've had this delicious brew numerous times, for the simple reason that it tastes great ... period. Although the Summer is over (sad truth), this delightful pale ale seems the right choice to combat the impending colder temperatures. This amber red beauty hits the warm spot. Today, the wind was biting enough reminding us that Fall is here. Even, I had my woolly knee warmers on for part of the way. Guy decided to go sans warmers. The undulating roads meant that we had to climb at bit, a welcome change! It may have been for the fact that the Men's Elite World road race was on our minds and tomorrow's Mendrisio course will be hilly and challenging.

Rain is in the forecast and it should be a good one!


Watch out for spider's in Port Moody!