Seat Saver.

A new lease on life...
Mink oiled up & letting it soak!

Today was a new/old discovery with mink oil. 'New,' because I've never treated my leather San Marco Rolls seat. Ever. I know guilty as charged. And, 'old,' I used this mink oil for years on my Blundstones boots and not a clue about using it for my leather seat. Why now?

I noticed at the front tip of my Italian seat a worn leather spot. Roughly translated my cycling shorts, although fairly new, are beginning to show some wear. All leather is prone to wear & tear ... from neglect. Enter the wondrous mink oil. Did you know mink oil is the insulating fatty layer under the skin of minks. Use of this acts as a moisturizer which conditions, softens, and waterproofs leather.

I'm approaching twenty-two years with my dependable Rolls seat. And it's never too late to discover the benefits of mink oil for it will probably go for another twenty-two years.

Now, onto my Blunnies!