Inside the fridge.

I'm more than watching this surly blonde canine.

There's a Surly Blonde Big Belgian Triple from Victoria BC's Phillips Brewing in my fridge. But, not for long. This dog has a very nice bite that you don't want to shake off. At 9.1% you'd want to hang on for dear life.

It maybe the perfect loyal sidekick to Jean Bobet's, "Tomorrow, we ride..." I'm also enjoying the book that I borrowed from Guy of Le Grimpeur. In case you don't know, it's a warm and insightful account of Jean, the brother to the famous first three time Tour de France winner, Louison Bobet.

Jean Bobet never achieved the huge magnitude of wins that Louison racked up but memorable is his thoughtful comment, "Tomorrow, we ride.... That's what my brother Lousion and I used to say as we arranged to meet; every day while we were racing cyclists, and then just on Sundays when we weren't competing any more. We kept riding until the end of his life, because even then - especially then, perhaps - we always understood each other best on bikes. We had always needed a bike beneath us."

Along with his love for the bike and especially the eye opening peek into the 50's great golden years of cycling, Jean Bobet has written an outstanding book. This canine barks of great taste and the book is simply...epic!