Michael Barry; le domestique the writer.

I watched a wonderful profile on TV5, from France, on Columbia High Road’s premier domestique Michael Barry. Showing how durable the Canadian rider is. An accomplish Olympian he’s proven himself as a climber in the professional ranks. His recent win was a stage at the 2008 Tour of Missouri. In fact, his domestique role is to position speedster Mark Cavendish in the final sprint. And he’s cool with it. I respect his role as a support rider. Barry, at 33 years old, provides the team the important veteran leadership. And it shows that he still has a lot to give. I wish I could find it on line but I could only come up with this excellent mini profile.


Groover said…
He seems to be a very nice guy.
Richard said…
Yes I certainly agree with you. I share with him for the love for the bike!