Drinking Companion.

Rain or shine...
Merckx purging the toxins behind soigneur Michiels.
From: 'Eddy Merckx.'

Behind the scenes in a cycling team supporting the riders is a monumental task. Take the soigneur, the indispensable team assistant providing message, responsible for feeding, clothing and just taking care of the team.

During a race, these key team member's help fuel the riders' by providing the ever important musette bag. For a long stage race like the Tour, where a rider can consume on average of 6000 calories per stage, food and drink is vital. You probably seen them gathered at the feed zone ready to pass the musettes to the hungry riders.

Eddy Merckx's soigneur, Guillaume Michiels was his regular trusty companion especially after a night of overindulgence. The next day the two would be out on the roads as Michiels helps Merckx "to ride the poison out of his system."

Classic champ, Hennie Kuiper out with his trusty companion.


Jim said…
The picture of Merkxx in the cold, wind and rain is the piece of cycling most don't ever see. Being a great cyclist doesn't happen in a vacuum, it takes the willingness to go out and make ones' self suffer so that the pain of racing seems mild in comparison.
Richard said…
Well put. Self-sacrifice, commitment & natural ability gave the cannibal the edge over his competition!