Rainy day upgrade!

Velcro strip = no more stress point!

Last May I bought a waterproof cycling jacket in Portland (like that city). And just under 20 bucks I have a pretty good deal.

Fast forward today, and with a few wet rides under my belt or over my shoulders, the jacket is proving itself... with an DIY improvement!

It's made from 100% plastic. No space age material here. Waterproof it is, fancy it isn't. But the plastic tends to tear easily if pulled too quickly from the velcro. Although very weak, the seams are reinforced as best as it is. I noticed after pulling it off it would eventually separate at the seams. Tear is the better word. Then frustration set in.

After more than a few stitches at the appropriate weak points an idea hit me. Use a strip of rubber inner tube as an extra layer to keep the plastic from separating from the seam. Give it a certain strength it never had.

And you know what? With the help from Carolle my 20 buck jacket will live longer and stronger. Now, I can pull away from the Velcro with no worries!

Rubber inner tube (left) sewn in to provide it from
not pulling apart!