Flying the Maple Leaf at the Tour.

Steve Bauer introducing Team SpiderTech and
auctioning off his 11th Tdf yellow jersey this past Thursday.

Wait a minute. Can it be true? Did I hear right? Steve Bauer has championed Canadian Billionaire Jim Balsillie (BlackBerry founder) to help in sponsoring a Canadian team to compete in the Tour de France.

Although it will take time and lots of money, Bauer is sounding more encouraged. Last Thursday the former great cyclist announced a new Canadian professional cycling team, Team SpyderTech. And the goal is simple to have the team line up at the 2013 Tour. Money and corporate backing was always the thorn in Bauer's side. Now with Balsillie on side and with his corporate connections, Bauer's dream is moving towards reality.

I'm as excited as Bauer that Canada will have a team, one day soon, for the Tour. And Bauer knows what it takes to ride in the Tour. He won 14 yellow jerseys, finished fourth in 1988. He silvered at the 1984 LA Olympics. And that same year took a fine bronze at the World Championship road race in Barcelona. He startled the Europeans at their own game ... his career started.

And, what better way to showcase Team SpyderTech than right here this fall. The UCI ProTour is coming to Quebec City (Sept. 10th) & Montréal (Sept. 12th).

Race organizer Serge Arsenault said it best, "Canada needs Steve Bauer, he's the only guy who can bring to Canada a top team at the top level. That's our leader."

Quick, someone pinch me!


Eric said…
I've already said it a million times, but the guy is a true hero:
Anonymous said…
The Flyer of fenwick! he would make a great directeur Sportif!
Cote d'Azur said…
they are going to have to get over their left knee injuries to be competitive though. Did everyone crash on a group ride?
Richard said…
I believe the riders are modeling the SpyderTech kinesiology muscle wrap.
Cote d'Azur said…
ahh, Science. I forgot about Science.