What's in the fridge: A drink to the Golden Age.

The chainring mixes well with the dark roast and book!

Coffee's bean around since the fifthteenth century, pardon the pun. As we all know a good cup of coffee is synonymous with cycling. How often have we all gone out for a ride and stopped for a pitstop at a roadside cafe! Much of it is to slow down (for a moment), chat and get that nice cup or two down. It's a refresher. I'm enjoying this excellent dark roast called, 'Hoodoo Jo' from Kicking Horse Coffee out of Invermere, British Columbia. And to relax with I'm including the fine book, 'Cycling's Golden Age: Heroes of the Postwar Era, 1946-1967.'

I'm breaking from my usual favorite pairing of book & libation, and I believe a drink can be any thing you savour ... thus the coffee.

The Horton collection is prominent in it's wonderful reminder of cycling memorabilia from Cycling's Golden Age. Coming from the dark period of World War II and into the new era of cycling. The riders' have become noble champions.

Together with this fine coffee ... the stuff of legends!


Jim said…
Coffee and cycling. What would make life sweeter? I can't think of it.
Cote d'Azur said…
for a great coffee, I suggest visiting Moja. They are on Rupert, just south of Crown off Mountain Hwy. They roast in-house, and it is the best bag of beans I have spent money on in some time. (you are in North Van, no?)
Richard said…
I'm not in N. Van, but I will definitely check out Moja!