If you can't fight it you might as well join it!

The Winter Olympics are here and very much alive in sunny & warm (10 C) Vancouver. It's a bit of an odd thing because there's no snow. I was born in Calgary where snow = winter, and during this time it doesn't fully compute. But life isn't always perfect, except for today.

Carolle and I walked through the Olympic downtown center and it was packed, I mean JAMMED packed. And today is the big GAME, us versus the US in men's hockey. I for one will be sitting down with my brother to lose ourselves screaming over our nation's game. I've never ever seen so many red, hockey jersey's sporting the maple leaf. Even our Canada Day held on July 1st is sombre compared with the flag waving Olympic hysteria. Red is the popular color and many vehicles sport the maple leaf. It's infectious as I put on my Canadian maple leaf pin with a certain pride. I saw scalpers and guys with signs wanting Olympic tickets. Maybe they should get together?

But on the whole it's one big party and whether we protest against it or not our little city is growing up. I remember what one Quebec sports commentator said, "That Vancouver is like a 16 year old young woman who knows that she's beautiful but doesn't know how to use her beauty". Sounds like our little city is going through growing pains!


Jim said…
Wow, Richard. It looks so "UnWinter" there! Palm trees, no less.
Richard said…
It's gets more confusing when I see Vancouverites wearing downfill jackets! I'm happy, there's more sun in the forecast...
Unknown said…
Vancouverite here since 2002. Previously working and cycling in Toronto for over 20 yrs.

Well, Vancouver is more like a 30 yr. old woman who knows she was and still is beautiful but hasn't completely figured her future path how to remain beauty and healthy. :) Let's hope cycling visions helps her abit.

Richard said…
I feel cycling can further enhance her beauty!

Thanks for your take!