Turning Japanese.

Bianchi Ancora

Steel bikes are real. And more and more frame builders are including the age old material in their lineups. As flexy as it is and compliant on the roads, steel is far easier to work with and manufacturers are embracing the rising tide.

A Smart vending machine.

Bianchi provides a Japan only steel bike and hopefully it comes over here. It's called the Ancora for the commuter crowd. I know it's not a racer but I still love it. Seems the Japanese embrace and enjoy the pragmatic steel bike/commuting style. It's very Japanese and being so versatile in the fact that the daily two-wheel steed needs the essentials: fenders, lights & rack it just makes a whole lot of sense. Two more that is Japan only is a steel beauty, the Raleigh Club Special. Gios is in the Japanese market with the Spazio.

I'm starting to feel a tad envious and here's one more thing that's only Japanese; the amazing bike tree. Where else would you park your bike?

A lot of folks may not know (me included) is that Japan is a vending machine giant, with one machine for every 23 people. There's just about everything available; live lobsters, eggs (hmm ...are they fresh?), flowers, live bait, liquor and more. I like this smart one with a Smart car in it. Ok it's not dispensing the actually car but only brochures & stickers. A nice PR move. But, can a steel commuter bike vending machine be far behind? I hope so!

Raleigh Club Special.

Gios Spazio.