A very close 1994 Ronde.

Close but no cigar for the Lion!

The most important race in Belgium is the Ronde van Vlaanderen. One of the oldest single day races around, stretching back to 1913. And you know a race that's right up there in my book as a favorite because of the infamous element... the pain searing pavé. And next to Paris-Roubaix, the pavé are shared but this race has something more ... 16 climbs, some cobbled including the 20% Grammont.

Johan Museeuw (Lion of Flanders) was already crowned the king of Flanders for winning it the previous year. Everyone pegged him to win it for a second straight year. On the final finishing straight Gianni Bugno was leading Museeuw, Tchmil & Ballerini. Even Museeuw's director sportif Patrick Lefevere claiming that, "Museeuw could have won on one leg". Talk about cocky...

Bugno made the jump and with a few hundred metres left raised his arms too soon. Without knowing the rampaging Lion was beside him. It was so close, a photo finish was declared...

The Lion of Flanders along with his fanatical fans cried that day!