A walk with Beppe Saronni

Saronni at the 1981 Ronde...
sometimes a walk is good too!
From: Fabulous World of Cycling.

With only two months away from the start of the Ronde my interest level has shot way up. To win this great Belgian monument classic the victor will be crowned the King of Belgium. Not to mention negotiating up the 17 leg busting cobblehills. And Belgian riders' have won it more often than any other nation with 66. They almost seem to have it in their DNA.

The second nation with the most wins is Italy, with ten. Even Francesco Moser never won it. His love for the pave was simply ...elsewhere. Giuseppe Saronni won many classics but missed out on the Ronde. Was the pave or the cobblehills too much for him?


Irish Peloton said…
Alas, 'twas too much for Seán Kelly also.
Richard said…
He was good for second (1984, '86 & '87)!