Dog almost bites!

It was a good spot to stop but just for a moment.
The quadruped was behind me!
Image by the author.

Just when you thought it looked like a tranquil setting. This is a rather nice bicycle sculpture at Queen Elizabeth Park today in Vancouver...

After I snapped this a F@*_^#ing! large dog tried to take a bite out of me. Of course, being a little on the dazed & confused side I did hear a grrrrrr and then the lunge at my hand. Luckily, this monster (a huge Doberman) was held at bay by a leash & his owner. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs and look forward to having one but it was too close for comfort.

I looked at my still attached hand, grinned and got back on my bike and enjoyed a most pleasant ride!


Anonymous said…

Should have sued the owner!
Richard said…
No, the law of the leash was plenty.
Jim said…
Richard! How awful. I was once double teamed by a pair of Rottweilers in Wyoming; one bit me badly on the leg (I was climbing a steep hill at the time). Not fun.

You might enjoy this, though:

I was on Bill Strickland's blog and he was writing about hand made cycling things and I put in a comment about the two of you.

WV - lethmog, a little known single malt scotch, hand made in Scotland by old(er) cyclists!
Richard said…
Hi Badger,

Two Rottweilers, double trouble! It's amazing how big a Doberman can be.

I just read Strickland's handmade article and especially your fine comment about us! That Scotch... a very costly weak spot of mine!