A Post-Amstel Toast.

Here's a few interesting images from yesterday's Amstel Gold Race. The trophy is beautiful but the facial expressions are equally memorable!



Gilbert's cool trophy.

Oil's Well That Ends Well!

Many riders were 'sol' to make it on time for the Amstel race. That was due to the air traffic restrictions after the Eyjafjallajokul volcano belch. There's a good write up from cyclingnews about Team Sky rider, Kurt Asle Arvesen and his (mis)adventure on the North Sea oil rig. You're probably asking what was he doing there? Well, it seems he flew there last Wednesday to give the oil workers a spinning demonstration & lecture. Then he wasn't allowed to fly out due to the close airspace. He couldn't even leave by boat. Talk about sol. He did watch the race and kept in shape climbing up and down to the bottom of the rig. That's about 155 metres below sea level. That's thousands of stairs. Last Monday the Norwegian was 'rescued' and helicoptered out and back to Norway.

Kurt's ok...
he's just keeping his stripes in line at the 2009 Tour.

This has nothing to do with the Amstel Race but it deserves a mention. After watching my white cork handlebar tape turn dirtier I saw this simple solution off the internet. I can't remember where I saw this but huge thanks to whoever posted it. I bought Vim w/bleach and scrubbed away rinsing it with a damp cloth. It looks brand new again!

A simple toast to Vim!


Jason said…
Man, Kreuziger looks rough!
Richard said…
ya, a good impression of a scarecrow.