Bella Maglia Bianca

First showcased in 1976, the Maglia Bianca (white jersey) is only 34 years old. Relatively young. But this great symbol of youthful hope was suspended from 1995 to 2006. I'm glad it was revived. Alfio Vandi won the first white jersey and in 1994 a 24 year old Russian wore two different jerseys. Eugeni Berzin did it better than anyone by wearing the maglia bianca and winning the maglia rosa.

The Giro has left the chaotic Dutch roads for hopefully safer Italian ones and Aussie Richie Porte is wearing the white jersey and in second overall into Italy. It's early in the three week race but he sure looks good in the maglia bianca & quite possibly ...the maglia rosa!

The young hopeful...
Richie Porte

The Young Hopefuls...

1976  Alfio Vandi  Italia
1977  Mario Beccia  Italia
1978  Roberto Visentini  Italia
1979  Silvano Contini  Italia
1980  Tommy Prim  Sweden
1981  Giuseppe Faraca  Italia
1982  Marco Groppo  Italia
1983  Franco Chioccioli  Italia
1984  Charly Mottet  France
1985  Alberto Volpi  Italia
1986  Marco Giovannetti  Italia
1987  Roberto Conti  Italia
1988  Stefano Tomasini  Italia
1989  Vladimir Poulnikov  Russia
1990  Vladimir Poulnikov  Russia
1991  Massimiliano Lelli  Italia
1992  Pavel Tonkov  Russia
1993  Pavel Tonkov  Russia
1994  Eugeni Berzin  Russia
1995-2006  suspended
2007  Andy Schleck  Luxembourg
2008  Riccardo Riccò  Italia
2009  Kevin Seeldraeyers  Belgium