The Tuesday Nighters.

Just in from an enjoyable and equally impressive evening of racing down at  UBC. It's called the 2010 World Tuesday Night Championships sponsored by Team Escape Velocity Cycling Club of Vancouver. Frankly, it's my first time out to see the race and cheer on Guy as he looked very good on the short but hilly circuit (1.6 km, 20 laps). He came in 5th, and he looked very pleased with his results. Maybe it was the batch of chocolate/coconut cookies I presented to him afterwards!


GWR said…
A 5th in the Cat.5's was certainly not a Farrar-esque performance. Perhaps a Julian Dean leadout would've helped?

Thanks for coming out!
Richard said…
A Kiwi-esqe lead out plus cookies would've done it.
Good on you!