Cols Mythiques du Tour de France book

I have you now, my pretty!

It was touch and go this afternoon shortly after 1 PM. I saw the UPS driver stop and approach my front door ...then leave. As he walked back to his van I screamed out to him, "Excuse me, I think that's for me!" He walked over to my balcony and said there was no response when he tried the buzzer. The driver was as elated to deliver the package or then he would have to return it back to the depot. Horrors! Wherever that is. Yesterday, my landlord 'fixed' my buzzer problem. That's what he told me. He'll have to solve this because I'm expecting another package very shortly.

I was so happy to finally get an early birthday present. It's not until next week so the timing couldn't be better. Now, with L'Equipe Col du Mythiques du Tour de France in my hands, look to a mini review this upcoming weekend when stage 5 Books, Bikes, & Beers podcast gets underway!