Heat is on!

Controversial it was at the last 350 meters of stage 11 for Mark Renshaw. A win for Mark Cavendish and a  loss for Mark Cavendish as his lead man gets disqualified for head butting Julian Dean and deviation from his line blocking Tyler Farrar.

It wasn't all about the head butting, more so, as Renshaw blocked Farrar forcing him very close into the barriers. The Garmin sprinter looked good and had a chance to give Cavendish a good fight to the line. Unfair or not, the call stands and Cavendish will have to face a new challenge negotiating on the next sprint stage. Petacchi's second place gives him the green jersey.  Action packed? For sure!


Jim said…
People like Renshaw (who's just a soldier for the team, i.e., Cavendish) are turning cycle racing into a form of roller derby (remember that?). I hate it, and I'm glad it wasn't tolerated. Win at all costs, indeed.
Richard said…
I do remember roller derby... they were paid to do that!