Hung out in the rain, bike messenger style.

It's Summer ... right?

This morning was designated an easy ride after missing two days. Just to de-stress. The weather was cooperating or better maintaining; cloudy and threatening to rain.

So I set out with full kit on, including gilet, arm & leg warmers. The ride was so nice in the cool air and as I started my return for home ....the heavens let go. I got caught and never have I rode in so much rain, I guess, since my days as a Vancouver bicycle courier. Vancouver winters are always dreary and constantly wet. Some of us started wearing neoprene booties (the ones found in surf stores), then rubber boots. Thoughts of cramped overheated feet for nine hours make me wince.

One fun aspect being a bike courier was the fringe benefits especially after a hard fought soggy work week spending quality time at the local bar/courier hangout called the Jolly Taxpayer. Love that name. It's hard not to think back of that time as I felt the water spraying through my Sidi shoes and changing my feet into webbed ones. With each pedal stroke my bum was soaked and my feet ...squishy wet. I'm thinking so that's what those tough riders feel like in Paris-Roubaix.

I finally swim or ride home and I'm drenched. Ringing my socks of all that water was quite the site. Carolle was amazed. Meanwhile it's still coming down in buckets and I take a bath. I just finished reconditioning my buffalo leather saddle with mink oil. You never know on the wet coast... tomorrow could be the same!