Re-tyre levers

Changed my tyre with my old school metal levers was, shall I say, less than helpful. 

My oldie levers are ... old, I'm thinking 25 years. Metal is not the tool to go jabbing around where the tyre meets the rim. I ended up with scratches on the rim. Not good. And I also discovered that the round edge has turned into a sharpen edge. I easily punctured the tube. Double not good. Well, away they go & I brought out my plastic tyre lever stick. No more hurtin' the rim or assaulting the tube. 

It's now my newbie lever! 


Michael said…
I've got a set of those old metal levers myself, probably the first I ever bought. Have not used them in years, but can't imagine getting rid of them.
Richard said…
A good design. I'll park them in my tool box!