Stage 6: Bikes, Books, & Beers Podcast Spanish Edition

Proudly wearing the Weight of the Nation!

Here's our seventh podcast...

The upcoming Vuelta is the third Grand Tour of the season and we celebrate it with the Spanish Edition. Guy & I cover the night Team Time Trial, the mountain stages, & the Red Jersey. I show off the Weight of the Nation t-shirt & Galstudio's Grupetto Cycling Cap. Guy shows his very cool Brioches La Boulangere cycling cap. And we tackle cycling's Iron men. Guy presents his book review on Viva la Vuelta: The Story of Spain's Great Bike Race. And, of course, after our 12 hour ride... in the 28C heat, we get into a nasty habit!



Jason said…
A great podcast as always!

You guys always look so fresh after such long rides. You'll have to let me into your secret some day.
Richard said…
It's all in the BC beer!

Thanks, Jason!