Calling for help

Today, I tested my sore body riding to the University of BC then to Simon Fraser University. The result: a nice relatively pain free ride. My body seems to be finally healing since my accident last Thursday. On my way home, an older woman on a commuter bike stopped me on Adanac Street & Boundary Rd asking for air for her tyres. I came to the rescue and I couldn't believe how low both were. Almost flat. She was complaining how difficult it was to ride on them. I took the opportunity to show her how to loosen the locknut on the presta valve before attaching the pump on. In fact, she didn't even know what a presta valve was. I'm always surprised how many people don't know the basic fundamentals of their bike. She called me a good samaritan and happily rode away on properly inflated tyres.

Euskaltel-Euskadi: Call 911!

My body may have endured a few knocks but not as hard as how Igor Anton lost control of his bike today in the Vuelta stage 14, 10kms before the finish line into Pena Cabarga. The race leader crashed hard bloodied, jersey shredded looking like a rag doll thrown out from a moving car. His Vuelta dream gone with a broken elbow. Anton's teammate, Egoi Martinez went down also and left the race due to a broken clavicle. And, bad luck keeps coming for the Basque team as Marzio Bruseghin and Rigoberto Uran went down hard in the same crash, both leaving the race. Before, the start of the stage the Euskaltel squad looked formidable protecting leader Anton. Now, the Basque team's misfortunes are Vincenzo Nibaldi's fortunes as he claimed the roja jersey as the new leader.


Michael said…
When I saw the crash on television (thank goodness for same day coverage on USN) I couldn't believe he didn't get back on his bike, irregardless of how bloodied he was. He still had the red jersey after all. Of course there was no mention of a broken elbow, and he didn't act like anything that severe was wrong.
Richard said…
I was surprised of how he seemed so relax standing beside his bike then he waved to the camera.
Groover said…
Sorry to hear you had an accident. Hope your healing continues at a speedy rate! And well done on not missing an opportunity for some roadside education. :-)
Richard said…

Thanks kindly. I'm slowly on the mend haven't felt so good since tht accident.
I can tell you, That person definitely needed the education!