Ola Nibali!

The Shark triumphs!

Vincenzo Nibali stepped up to be the fifth Italian rider to win the Vuelta in 20 years. For a young man of only 25, he rode a very tactically sound race maintaining his lead over Ezequiel 'Zeke' Mosquera. Peter Velits rode so well, especially snagging the 46 km TT away from a 'distanced' Cancellara.

Saturday's Bola del Mundo climb was incredible. I was on the edge of my chair watching the final 3 km drama of Zeke & the Shark. Great mano a mano scrap as Mosquera exerted the drive necessary to pull away. Excitement right up to the finish line as Zeke won the stage from the fast charging shark.

It will be interesting to see how Liquigas-Doimo will run with two co-leaders as Nibali will certainly step up for the 2011 Giro. Basso has said he will support and help the young teammate. A huge season for the Italian squad winning two of the year's three Grand Tours ... successful to be sure!

Zeke gave it his best on the exciting Bola del Mundo!