Retro is new again!

DeRosa just had to do it. The iconic bicycle company introduced a 'new' color for their 2011 Neo Primato lineup. Looking very like, minus the chrome forks and stays (a shame they don't offer it), the 1983 Sammontana Gelati Team. The great Italian team of the eighties had star power; Moreno Argentin, Claudio Corti, Jesper Worre, Gianbattista Baronchelli.

It would be the perfect match for my old jersey (last posted here).

Claudio Corti,
1983 Sammontana-Campagnolo


Jim said…
Wow, a steel, lugged De Rosa frame. How cool is that? I never had one, but I still miss my 1973 Colnago I raced on through the 70s.
Richard said…
Now, that's cool!