Classy Canadian

1986 Proctor...
Rare & truly Canadian, more images here.

Yesterday, on my visit to Jett Grrls bikes, my eyes bulged at the site of a Proctor bike. It was a bike for repair, so unfortunately it wasn't for sale.

It was a beautiful steel road bike with down tube shifters. After seeing this gorgeous bike, I thought of the famous steel frames born in my old hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. When I raced, in the eighties, many top riders were lining up at local races with Proctor bikes. I always thought of them as exotic a one of a kind and born to ride. I did some online investigation to find out more about this great Canadian frame.

Brad Proctor was the builder of these fine frames. During the eighties I was riding and chummy with Joe and Kathy of Velocity Cycles. I bought my Marinoni there. Proctor worked at High Country Cycles and started making steel lugged bikes. I believed he even started in the late seventies. Robert Townsend was the owner of High Country Cycles and he joined forces with Brad Proctor to produce the Proctor-Townsend frames. These frames are highly prestige made from Reynolds 531 and whenever I think of my eighties Quebec born Marinoni, I think of the Edmonton born Proctor-Townsends. Proudly Canadian bred and born.

These frames are coveted, very collectible and highly sought after. The last time I talked to Fritz, some months ago, he had just acquire a Proctor frame to his amazing collection. I smiled. But, they are rare to be sure. If you ever find one... buy it, or if you're lucky to own one ...enjoy!


James Kendal said…
In 1983 I use to hang out in High Country sports in the original store as a young cadet racer. I use to spend hours in the shop, so much so that I was able to always work out a good deal on parts for my hobbled together bikes. Two years later I was sponsored by Proctor. I miss those days.
Richard said…

Good memories of a bygone time!