Joe Parkin: Come & Gone

After reading Joe Parkin's very engaging, A Dog In A Hat I was left hanging and wondered what had happened to him after his Belgium cycling odyssey. An exciting time to be a bicycle racer in Europe made more unique from an American racer maneuvering through the old world of Belgium cycling. Five years in the trenches, I say.

I'm finished reading the much anticipated sequel, Come & Gone, and found it hard to put it down. This time it's 1991 and he's back on the domestic US scene appearing always to scramble for a new contract. What makes me interested or because I always identify with the blue collar worker, the also ran. And, that's who Parkin is, going from one race to another ... surviving. He sometimes wins. His exploits are of struggle and frustration tying to refit in cycling America. The glory of the struggle keeps it all interesting. And his storytelling is unpretentious, passionate, and humorous. I'm laughing at the Euro style mullets.

Again, huge thanks to our friends at Velopress for sending the copy!