Stage 10: Bikes, Books, & Beers Podcast... Belgium Bound

Stage 10 is on!

Belgium cycling has it's plethora of heroes and unsung heroes. Eighties American cycling pioneer, Joe Parkin was one brave rider to take the plunge into Belgium. He moved there in 1986 and more often struggled to carve his place as an American cyclist in Europe. Riding for second tier teams, he was a determined journeyman and learned the Flemish language and fought the battles on and off the bike.

Guy reviews the two excellent Joe Parkin books, 'A Dog in the Hat' & 'Come & Gone'. Huge thanks again to our friends at velopress. Joe Parkin was a 'Dog in the Hat', the phrase means something that looks out of place. Like an American rider in Belgium in the late eighties.

From an unsung hero to a revered hero we switch gears and talk about Philippe Gilbert, the classic hardman of Lombardia. I reveal something special from my eighties cycling experience. And, we give our thoughts on the new 2011 Tour & Giro routes favored especially for the grimpeurs.

We're both sporting Galstudio's fine handmade winter cycling caps; Guy has on the Bobet and I wear the Condorito.

The season maybe over but we both talk about our favorite riders and what they may achieve next year. I love funny commercials. And sticking with the Belgian theme we enjoy a favorite beer along with this classic video.



Jason said…
Having really enjoyed 'A Dog in the Hat' I must get myself a copy of 'Come & Gone', it sounds very interesting.

Can we expect anymore podcasts from you guys this year or are you taking a break during the off season?

Either way thanks for another entertaining stage. You've put me in the mood for a brew now!
Richard said…

No we haven't talk about stopping, we'll see what we can fit in as we approach the off season...

I've just started Come & Gone and it's hard to put down.