1984 Olympic Road Race: Los Angeles

Bauer's heroics got me hooked on cycling!

July 29th, 1984; ABC's Sports coverage of the Olympic road race was memorable for me. I sat riveted to the TV screen after 190 km of racing with the outcome hinge on the last mile. Steve Bauer looked so cool in the heat to Mission Viejo playing cat n' mouse with Alexi Grewal. I hoped Bauer would beat Grewal in the final exciting sprint. I'm glad this video showed the fantastic sprint to third place of Dag Otto Lauritzen over compatriot Morten Sether. I still get goosebumps watching this!


Jim said…
A great clip of this race. I know the course, as I used to train on and around this area back in those days. It was a tough one.
Richard said…
Nice one Jim.

Especially in the heat ...double killer!