Made It ...Cinelli Style!

The Classic Look...
My 1987 Cinelli Campione del Mondo handlebar & stem.

Now, it's all over ... our first show is in the record books.

Folks were excited by my Cinelli Campione del Mondo handlebar (66-40) & stem used as a display for our inner tube pouches & cases. Comments were, "Love the handlebars." "Great idea!" & "Clever!" It was very effective, the stem pivoted off a mini stand so customers could turn it freely. That's where Carolle came in, she made it work. Thousands of folks couldn't help but touch our fun inner tube products. It's very tactile almost pleasing to the touch. People seem eager to touch it. We encouraged it.

Our best seller was the inner tube wallets. The star!

While my Marinoni restoration project is ongoing, at least there's another use for the Cinelli bar & stem!


Empidog said…
Well done to you both..
Richard said…

Great experience... definitely a big high!