Operation Marinoni: My Classic Ride... Back!

I plan to send my frame back to it's Québec birthplace to be re-painted by 
Giuseppe Marinoni!

I rode today and enjoyed it. I even bumped into Hans and it's always good to chat with him as I returned from Burnaby mountain. The roads were wet & slippery, in fact, my front tire gave way on a slick storm drain. No matter, I'm ok as I managed to catch the bike as I lost control.

My days with my bike are numbered. I have Sunday & Monday as my only two days left for a final ride before my Marinoni goes back home to Terrebonne, Quebec. It's official, I have made arrangements to have my 1987 Marinoni to be re-painted and then restored. Tuesday morning I'll deliver it to the bike shop to start the process. When I heard that Cycles Marinoni offers a service of repainting it's old frames, I'm very happy and eager to have it done. Years of use has nibble away portions of the paint to metal. A new paint job is sorely needed... it is 23 years old.

Stay tuned!


Unknown said…
Neat! Are you going to be able to get them to repaint it with the old-style Marinoni lettering? When I asked Marinoni if they would repaint my '91 Special they said that they would only use the newer font for the lettering.

I'd be curious to know, since if they're back to doing the old lettering and paint schemes then I'll send mine in for a repaint too -- otherwise I'll just send it off to get powdercoated...

Richard said…
I'll find out after my visit Tuesday and I'll post all the details!