...by a 'Stache!

Urs Freuler wins... 
by a 'stache in front of rookie, Mario Cipollini (r).
 From: 'Tour 89'

1989 Giro d'Italia...

With Movember over, good news from out of the Mo camp that Canada raked in the largest amount in donations (by last count around 15 million). I saw it fit to show another installment of 'Brotherhood of the 'Stache' (first posted here).

Stache star...
Celebrating & rightly so with
 teammate & Maglia Rosa, Erik Breukink.
Photo: Marcel Segessemann

Here's a stache look at two riders endured to the Brotherhood; Urs Freuler & Lech Piasecki ...in the 1989 Giro d'Italia.

Swiss stache sprinter, Urs Freuler collected another stage victory in his huge Giro hat. After his first victory on stage 7, he came back and nudged first year pro, Mario 'Soon to be called Lion King' Cipollini to win his second stage. Amazingly, this will become Freuler's 15th Giro stage win. For Cipo, he never wore a stache but he deserves honorable Giro mention of a record 42 stage wins.

Lech Piasecki, the stache TT specialist won 3 stages, including two time trials. On the last stage, a time trial to Florence, he proceeded to clobber the favorites with his solo power. Notably, he beat out Greg Lemond, by a minute. We all know what happened in the following Tour.

That's my 1989 Giro look at two guys forever linked forever with Giro success winning... by a stache!

Lech Piasecki guided by his familiar stache to 
win stage 10s ITT.
From: 'Tour 89'


Unknown said…
"Urs Freuler wins...
by a 'stache in front of rookie, Mario Cipollini (r).
From: 'Tour 89'"

It has to be Giro 89 of course. ;-)

I like this blog. :-)