My New Painted Marinoni Frame!

At this point I'm barely containing myself!
All photos by Carolle.

1987 was a good year for me. I bought my made to measure Marinoni bike and back then it looked amazing...

Carolle and I returned back to see Damian & Les of Peninsula Cycles and to check out my re-painted Marinoni frame. Wow! It looks better than what I expected!

My New Marinoni...
Carolle said, "Are you sure it's your old frame?"

You know, it's not the old frame any longer but a brand new one. The blue is so striking with the white bandings that it yells out retro cool. It's certainly much more of a statement when I see the finished frame and cradling it in my hands. Carolle's first reaction was of disbelief. She said, "Are you sure it's your old frame? What a smooth, seamless and beautiful airbrush paint job." Damian mentioned he was excited to see it the first time he opened up the box. His father, who sold Marinoni's, was also excited with the beautiful paint job.

I discovered small esoteric changes from what I requested of the headbadge; there is a swirl design instead of the world champion circle. Simone took care of the airbrushing and decided upon the contemporary swirl. Having my full name on the top tube is fantastic. It gives a personal touch to it. The details are touched up, too. The 'Marinoni' signature, at the back of the top tube, is in black and the seat stay 'Marinoni' script and 'M' is in white. Very attractive.

Simone changed the 'Marinoni' to two scripts running down on each side of the seat tube. I'm happy of the seat tube water bottle braze on. Initially, I planned to have the 'Marinoni' script down the middle of the seat tube. I'm glad Simone changed it. Now, I know it wouldn't work because of the braze on's.

I'm very grateful to Damian & Les of Peninsula Cycles of first offering the re-paint option to me. The results is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see my old friend complete. A special thank you to Simone, Giupseppe & crew at Cycles Marinoni for a superb job on making my old frame... new!

Next up, we're just waiting for word on the gruppo details and then building it. 2011 is starting to look pretty damn good...

Stay tuned!

That red speck at the bottom of the seat tube is a very nice
maple leaf!


TRI714 said…
Awesome. Do you have equipment for it all ready ? Cant wait to see the lugged beauty done.
Empidog said…
Wow RIch, what a great looking job the've done. I know exactly how you feel, even after all these months I catch myself sitting and looking at my new's a man thing really .. But hey ho get those tools out and geta building dear boy the roads a callin'
Richard said…
Hi Craig,

Going Italian with the Veloce groupset in silver keeping it retro looking Cheers!

Hi Steve,

I hear you, yehaa!
Marcello said…
ciao richard,

i like your new Marinoni Frame - great color!
campa veloce is a good choice.

Jason said…
Your Marinoni frame colours look excellent. You must be really happy with the result. Bet you can't wait to get back out on it now.
Jim said…
I really like the look of that frame! What a great job. The first ding will break your heart! ;-)
Richard said…
Hello Marcello,

The veloce will be silver to keep it all retro... cheers!

Hi Jason,

I'm wearing a permanent bib because I'm salivating so much. Embracing 'Patience'

Hi Jim,

Ah, Damian said to me that I could repaint again in 5 years! Do you two know something I don't know!
Groover said…
@Empidog - It's not just a man thing at all. I admire my new bike's paintwork and frame on every single ride ... and every day inbetween! ;)

Great looking frame, Richad. You must be stoked. Can't wait to see the bike build up in all it's future (former?) glory!
Unknown said…
That is wickedly beautiful. Perfect color of blue. Eternally classic race panels. I have classic DeRosa Super Prestige and two Pegorettis. Hope to see pics of your build.
Richard said…
Hi Groover,

It's simply amazing what a re-paint can do. My eyes nearly popped out of my sockets. That good. Now, I'm getting a brand new bike again!

Vive your new Peacemaker!

Hi Bob,

Nice! It's very close to Italian Ferretti team blue of the 70s. Just stay tuned for further updates!
virag said…
fantastic. everything about this frame is awesome: the lugs; dropouts; seatstay caps; cable guides; all perfect. seeing something like this makes me wish it was 1987 all over again somewhere.
Richard said…
It's almost 25 years old! I love it!