Behind the scenes with Hans

Two weeks ago, I brought my new Marinoni to have it professionally photographed by my friend Hans. I didn't ride the bike since picking it up and looked forward to this.

I suppose it's the end of my long going Marinoni restoration project. A little sad that it marks the end of it but yet I'm very elated that it's a start to a new life. I started out planning to buy a brand new bike and having my M on the side for only the odd rides. I had to make a quick decision, something I don't have the ability to do, and last November decided on restoring my old friend.

As long as I've known Hans, I have never seen him at work. On countless occasions, I've gone to his studio and chatted about, of course, bikes and races. Inside he was ready, setting my M up on the product table. He has an impressive giant scrim (to diffuse light) that moves automatically by the push of a button.

With everything in placed he was ready, he turned the lights off and started firing away with his digital camera. Two monitors are situated behind where we can see each shot as it downloads. Hans darted in and out of the scene as I stood transfixed to the action. Now, I know why he's so successful at what he does.

Great job by Hans, he came out with excellent definitive images of my Marinoni. It never looked better. To read the post and view the finished images go here.

Thanks Hans for an amazing experience!

All images by yours truly.


Empidog said…
Excelent, great insight..
Richard said…

I'm happy to have Pro images to share. Cheers!