Shifting into Spring

My new very practical rubber bike mat,
Thanks Carolle!

I'm glad it's Spring & I'm more than happy to have my restored Marinoni. I finally took it out for a late Sunday afternoon ride and to re-awaken my dormant legs. I'm still trying to master the new shifting and I'm finding it tricky. All this means is for me to practice and I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I haven't reached for my down tube shifters, what I call phantom shifting because I'm too busy on the brake levers. Hans showed me on my Ergopower control levers that by pressing a pushbutton opens the brakes so the wheels can be removed easily.

Carolle came up with a brilliant idea to protect the carpet from my dirty bike. She designed a clever rubber inner tube bike mat. Good thing that it's all black and it will hide most of the crud that I sometimes track in after a ride. All I have to do is wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth.

Last week, I received a little package I ordered from the UK and inside contained a pair of: bibshorts, arm warmers & gloves. I'm ready to shift into Spring!

My new Spring gear.


Aaron Cain said…
I've been looking for a mat to go under my bike for a long time and am curious about the one you mention. Was it hand made? Do you have any other pictures?
The flat mats- muck off has one - won't hold the snow and slush that falls off my bike.
Richard said…
I had a few tire tubes and my wife sewn them together to make this inner tube mat!