Columbus Day

I'm celebrating Columbus day!

To start off, I want to thank David & Carolle...

This afternoon, I rode over to see David in his studio to pick up another Columbus sticker for my seat tube. This is number two, or the second attempt at finishing off my Marinoni restoration. On the first attempt, Carolle and I and placed the sticker on crooked. No worries. I gently lifted it off with the edge of a credit card and cleaned up the messy, sticky adhesive with one of my favorite cleaners, Goo Gone.

David once again came to the rescue and had one ready to go. He mentioned that his work partner, Paul used green painters tape and a level to help apply bike stickers. Painstaking but it works for him.

After my ride to UBC, I came back refreshed and ready to tackle 'the job'. I liked the idea of the painters tape but I really had no idea of how to proceed. Carolle had an idea to construct a mini shelf made from foamcore with a cutout to fit the seat tube. She is the queen of foamcore having worked with it in the special events industry. I've given her the title of the soul seamstress of Galstudio. The mini shelf had to fit snugly on the seat tube and we had to determine the radius. She measured the circumference of the seat tube and I google how to determine the radius of a circle and found the formula online. How would I ever know that.

Carolle cut the foamcore length to fit a palm sized level to enable us to get to a near perfect registry. We leveled the Marinoni and then leveled out the foamcore piece. I cautiously rested the sticker on the shelf to guarantee a level sticker. I eyeball the dove on center and started burnishing working to the left and carefully lifting the corner making sure the sticker is on. Then slowly working to the opposite side burnishing with my fingernail or two until lifting off the transfer paper. 

Voila! It worked and now Marinoni restoration is complete!

Carolle's ingenious DIY foamcore mini shelf...
I placed the sticker on top, leveled it and it looks sooo good!