'Good' Friday Ride

My New Marinoni & I,
Just outside our espresso stop in Port Moody.
Courtesy from Guy

Today, Guy and I planned on a ride deciding to bypass Simon Fraser University for extra miles to Port Moody.

So good to get some miles in my lack of miles legs. We are both surprised that this is our first ride together of the season. We were both eager. The start was unusually cool (8C) and overcast and we wondered when the sun was coming back from vacation. It was good to let it rip along the stretch of Barnet Road just before Port Moody. No lights or stop signs ....just go.

My new Marinoni handles superbly, and I'm very happy to have the Veloce 10 speed gruppo. Easy to shift giving me a fine range of gears to choose from. The Khamsin wheels are a joy to ride on, too. In my world, it's a match made in heaven. I believe I'm done tweaking my seat post height and have changed my saddle from front tilting to a leveled saddle. Due to this new saddle position I raised my seat post that makes a world of difference.

As you can see by how I was fully kitted with knee warmers, gilet and my trusty, warm Road Holland jersey that the day was far from Spring like. Guy was the brave one for riding without leg warmers. In fact, I forgot to take a picture of him in his new kit. I'll do that on our next ride.

The espresso was extra good providing us the needed zing back. On our ride back on Barnet Road we passed a car on the side of the road with a mangled hood. A little ways further the cops appropriately placed a drop sheet over a fallen deer. All I saw was the poor animal's bloodied cloven hoof. Fortunately the two occupants of the car seemed ok as we passed them talking to the cops. Unfortunately, not a good Friday for man or beast.

The sun finally did come back, hopefully to stay, to brighten our ride back home.


Groover said…
Nice ride, Richard! Love the colour, too.
Richard said…

Thanks I love it and I get a lot of stares, definitely NOT for me!

This is Marinoni non-metallic medium blue.

In fact, one older gentleman stopped me and asked about the paint job for his friend that has an older Marinoni. I said Marinoni paints it beautifully for an affordable price!