Waiting for Columbus

Italian heart.

The other day, Hans informed me that he talked to David about my interest for Columbus SL stickers for my Marinoni. I looked at the sample and it is period correct.

The last time we rode was a couple of years ago with Fritz and the steel bike gang going over to see Felix and his marvelous collection (posted here). So nice that David informed me that he can supply me with the important decals. I need two: on the seat tube (above image) & a small decal on the right side chrome fork. The one I have on the fork is fading fast. And, I always love the dove design. This will complete my Marinoni restoration.

Columbus started in 1919 and was the rival to Reynolds. My Columbus Marinoni is 24 years old and I truly love riding it. I can't wait to see my bike with the iconic dove back on!


mj said…
You should also have a look at the replica stickers that Cyclomondo make (GTS753 on ebay). They're great quality.
Richard said…
I will check it out!