Epic Expo: A Giant

Lithium Ion 36V EnergyPak equipped Giant,
the monitor is not included just a visual aid!

It was fun to be at the huge Epic Expo held in the very green Vancouver Convention Center. A sustainable consumer show that showcases products that reflect smart, planet friendly choices that are better for our health and nicer to Mother Earth. There is a huge tidal wave of support for this, and growing. Carolle and I, armed with free tickets, went over to investigate.

We attended last years show and pleasantly discovered it was a good start in the right direction. I noticed more companies on board with products and basically beating a steady drumbeat of smart living.

I was hoping to see a energy efficient bicycle. I wasn't disappointed. Taiwan based Giant Bikes was the only bicycle company, from what I saw, presented with an electric bike called The Twist Express RS 2W. Battery assisted with a good looking aluminum frame allowing the rider to ride smoothly over hills. Tricked out with a bell, kickstand, storage case, lock, fenders it looks worthy of a future where the choice of pedaling and having a battery assist would give ALL folks a chance to ride.

I like that!


Rollthreefour said…
Show me any bicycle - save carbon frames if I'm being choosy - and I'll show you an energy-efficient bicycle.
LBJ said…
I don't know if they were at the expo, but if you're into smart living, you should check out Montague - I have a folding bike from them and it has totally transformed the way I commute, since it's so easy to take on public transportation.
Richard said…
They were not present. thanks for the link very quick fold up!