1960 Rome Olympics: Heat & Water

I discovered this wonderful video of the 1960 Rome Olympics Road Race and Team time trail set in searing heat.

You can almost feel the tarmac sticking to the riders tyres as the tifosi throw their water to help ease the hot temperatures for their Italian riders.

The road race came down to two riders: Viktor Kapitonov (Soviet Union) and Livio Trape (Italy). As the race comes close to an end... was it the heat? Kapitonov surged to the line thinking that he won. He was wrong there was another lap left. But, with the final few meters left, the Soviet rider made sure and crossed the line winning the Gold medal in front of a disappointed Trape.

In the Team time trial, Livio Trape returned and got his revenge and won the Gold. Viktor Kapitonov and his Soviet team won the bronze.

The riders wore wool jerseys, rode on steel bikes and wore their cycling caps backwards... a timeless classic!