Since February, I've had as my sponsor.

BicycleGifts has everything for all bicycle enthusiasts from vintage posters (my favorite) to cycling jewelry.

A favorite of mine is the Paris-Brest-Paris poster (above). A fine art reproduction of an original vintage poster of the great race in 1901.

The poster is striking with the bold French tricolour depicting Maurice Garin (the 1901 winner riding for La Francaise). First run in 1891, it originally was a 1200km bicycle race from Paris to Brest and back to Paris. Garin, well known for his win in the inaugural 1903 Tour de France, was a talented rider.

He was nicknamed, The Little Chimney-sweep, and was so gifted as a rider won the 1895 Hour Record & Paris-Roubaix (1887-1898).

I want to thank BicycleGifts and ...welcome back!