Cow Bells Are Ringing On The Grendelwald

Watching yesterdays very dangerous descent on a narrow, technical road into Grendelwald was probably the most exciting example of poise and control I've ever seen in a bike race.

Damiano Cunego (The Piccolo Prince) rode like a banshee bordering suicidal. Equally crazed descender, Peter Sagan came back to join him and nipped him at the finish line for a fine comeback win. The real winner goes to new yellow jersey, the impressive Cunego.

The bravery award also goes to the cameraman and motorbike driver careening downward keeping balance producing fantastic images... and not falling.

At end of the harrowing roller coaster descent the Eurosport commentator said, cow bells are ringing. A perfect way to thank the riders for an exciting finish!


Jim said…
Speaking of cow bells, have you seen this?
Richard said…
Wow, over!