Punctures. The bane of existence for all cyclists. My luck without any, this season, changed this morning at 10:30 AM.

This morning I followed the sun and decided for a quick ride out to Burnaby mountain where Simon Fraser University is located. One of my favorite spots to ride up to. Well, when I left and motored a block away I noticed I forgot my saddle bag with tools and spare tube. I thought to myself that I don't need it. The last time I punctured was last season... I think. It's that long that I've been riding along on blind luck. I decided to go back home and get it. At least it looks like I'm equipped for the worst.

Armed with my saddle bag I reached the top of the mountain and there's a fork in the road. Left is where I usually go leading to the bus loop and rest stop. I decided to go right on a service road and ... hissssss!

My luck ran out with a front puncture. I looked at the tube and saw two holes close together (pinch flat). Two for one! Two women stopped by and asked if I needed help. Did I look like I needed it? I had it all under control while pumping up the front tyre. One woman said too bad the only bike shop left two years ago. I said to her that's odd, University students need their bikes serviced ...a bike shop would be welcome here.

This is the second time using my trusty Portland Design Poco pump. The first time I helped a commuter with her leaky tyre. It's super light and effortless to use (reviewed here).

My spare tube and tools... I now, know never to leave home without them!


8valvehero said…
MR TUFFY Tire Liners--- Haters Gonna Hate, but I haven't had a puncture in over 2 years! (full years. no winter, Im in Florida) Not like it would have prevented your pinch, but it always helps to have more peace of mind. Tandem touring on Mr Tuffys and Nitrogen inflation = never having to worry about your tires.
Groover said…
Lucky you went back for the saddle bag, hey?! How many spare tubes do you usually carry? I always just have one but I know lots of people who take two on every ride...
Richard said…
Oh, I just have one but I'm thinking that two would be sensible... then again I'm not often that sensible